Services to Applicants


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  • Gives information about the latest job openings with corresponding job qualifications.
  • Provides information for application requirements and details in sending application through online means, by mail or delivery service.
  • Encodes applicant’s information to our Manpower Database.
  • Provides updates of application and processing status.
  • Assists applicants during interviews
  • Assists during medical examination
  • Provides periodic updates of processing status.
  • Informs applicants of deployment status so they can prepare for departure.
  • Sends applicants to accredited Labor Training Centers for Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars.
  • Liaise between applicants and their families during the duration of the applicants work overseas and even during processing period.
  • Provides advice on applicants and Employers for any worker related concerns.
  • Liaise bertween applicants and Employers for any worker relates concerns.
  • Reders applicants to a financing institution in case applicants will need help.
  • Arranges and recommends transportation service and/or transient accommodation to applicants and workers if necessary.